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The GoldBoss

Delivering confidence. That's how GoldBoss works every day, in all five continents. Focused on exceeding customer expectations, the Company strives to continually offer the best price and qualitty.


Regardless of your demand, we create the optimum opportunit to achieve your goals in the most intelligent, efficient and fastest manner. Speak to our expert team and find out why GoldBoss, continues to grow from strength to strength.


Our gold

Extracted in Africa, with purity content between 94 and 99 GoldBoss gold is valued by its buyers and its origin is 100% legal. Shipments are made directly from the airport of Maputo - Mozambique.

Competence, Agility and Confidence in Gold Operations

GOLDBOSS is an institution specialized in the extraction and trading of gold, its main activity. Selling gold to all continents, in an innovative way, now, you can buy gold straight from the extraction.



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